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Poverty in the European Union: The crisis and its aftermath


The  economic  crisis  has  exacerbated  social  burdens  such  as  poverty  and  inequality, which  were  already  major  issues  before  the  crisis.  Due  to  the  multifaceted  nature  of poverty, the European Union uses a multidimensional indicator – the ‘at risk of poverty or  social  exclusion’ rate – based  on  three  different  dimensions:  monetary  poverty, severe material deprivation, or ‘very low work intensity’. Lees verder Poverty in the European Union: The crisis and its aftermath

“75% van Sint Maarten leeft in armoede”

logo_ck2_groot“More than 75 per cent of the St. Maarten households live under the poverty line,” according to the Transparency International (TI) National Integrity System Assessment for the country that was released on Tuesday. Lees verder “75% van Sint Maarten leeft in armoede”

The Inclusive City: Approaches to combat urban poverty and social exclusion in Europe

The European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) presented at the beginning of the Italian Presidency of the EU a report on the socio-economic and spatial dimensions of poverty in Europe. The study provides an overview of urban poverty in the European context and analyses good practices in various European cities. The study was commissioned by Greece, the previous President of the Council of the European Union, and by Belgium and the Netherlands. It is part of the European Urban Agenda that is prepared by EU Member States and the European Commission.